Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's the Start of Something New: Couchsurfing

As everyone in our house prepared to travel throughout the month on August, Jake and I decided to give Couchsurfing a chance. Over the past two months, we have opened our home on three different occasions for Couchsurfers. Now, we decided it was time to try surfing for ourselves. The process of just filling out requests was an experience in and of itself.

Two nights ago, we decided that the best option to get to Porto Alegre today was to stay in Pelotas last night. So, I sent out a couch request and had a response almost immediately. Unfortunately, the person could not host us at his house because he had owned a hostel and had been working a lot recently. However, he told us that he would like to host us in his hostel for the night, for free, and had already made a reservation. Jake and I were shocked, but grateful. 

Getting to the hostel was an adventure. We caught a bus to Pelotas, and at some point, I decided it might be a good idea to ask if anyone knew where the street of the hostel was. When I asked the bus driver, he said it was the stop he had just pulled away from, but that he would be returning to it. I wasn't exactly sure what he meant by that, but we stayed on the bus. When we arrived at the rodoviaria, he told us if we wanted a ride to the street, he would take us there.

Once on the correct street, we realized we were in the 400's and needed to be in the 900's. We didn't realize it was more than 5 blocks. Like 10 blocks and two parks later, we arrived. But just the comforters on each bed made it worth it. They were AMAZING! It was the first time I didn’t wake up cold in the middle of the night in a long time. Our host, another guest, and our host ate pizza that tasted like a coxina, and I thought it was great. The best part was that our conversations easily slide back and forth between Portuguese and English, and it was great!

Shameless Plug: For anyone looking for a hostel in Pelotas though, I would highly recommend staying at Hello Hostel. Everything about it is nice!

Now we are on our way to Curitiba…

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