Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Brunch Bunch

I love Brasilian food. However, I have been missing U.S. food lately. Additionally, I wanted to do something nice for all of our friends here. So, I decided to have a Saturday morning brunch for everyone. (First, I had to explain what brunch was.) 

I was not sure what to expect, but we heated up the griddle once people started to arrive and made batches and batches of French Toast and pancakes. I also made cinnamon apple syrup and heated up some strawberry syrup. Since the house used to be a restaurant, the griddle was relatively big (six lines of flames) and we made enough food to feed 17 people within a few minutes. Amazing!
Everyone at Brunch
Afterwards, I taught the Brasilians that were over to play B.S. and Slap Jack. My hand was definitely red for a while. Then, we moved outside and played a giant game of Ninja. Once everyone had the hang of it, we played several games, getting quicker each time. By the end, the best ninja was Wesley, and all you saw were hands flying everywhere.


Who is the Ninja?

Ninja dive!

Definitely would call the day a success!

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